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One of the Gold Coast’s greenest towers: MRCB’s 26 Vista's premium sustainable design

Originally published on urban.com.au


Malaysian developer MRCB’s 26 Vista apartment project in Surfers Paradide is set to be one of the Gold Coast’s greenest towers, setting a new standard for premium sustainable design.


Located on Vista St in Surfers Paradise, MRCB has taken steps to reduce the site’s carbon footprint and lower resident energy bills. This includes an all electric energy solution that eliminates gas usage and encourages residents to embrace public transport with its close proximity to the light rail.


The initiatives align with the Gold Coast City Council’s proposed new corporate plan that is placing greater emphasis on climate change resilience in line with new federal emission policies.


MRCB CEO Ravi Krishnan said eschewing gas demonstrates MRCB’s commitment to delivering a project that introduces change in a market that is proving to be slower to welcome eco-initiatives.


“We’re incredibly excited by the prospect of 26 Vista becoming one of the sustainability leaders on the Gold Coast. We are proudly moving away from gas, a move that is widely popular interstate but rarely explored with Gold Coast developments.


The building has been designed by DBI Architects who have expertly capitalised on Queensland's subtropical climate through east-facing orientation and cross-ventilation pathways throughout residences and communal spaces.


DBI Architects Managing Director Raith Anderson explained the process of introducing a soulful yet functional eco-centric design that expertly capitalises on the subtropical climate of Queensland.


“26 Vista is orientated toward the east to take advantage of the sunlight and ocean breezes, while cross-ventilation pathways that have been introduced throughout residences and in communal spaces allow for greater airflow.


“MRCB is determined to reduce reliance on air conditioning and imbue the project with an openness not typically realised when buildings have extreme dependency on air-conditioning."


To further reduce reliance on air conditioning, MRCB has exclusively partnered with Swiss company V-Zug for every residence - leaders in innovation in hygiene and efficient home appliances whose manufacturing operations are carbon neutral. 


MRCB is also seeking to secure one of the Gold Coast’s first EV car share programs for 26 Vista, as well as future proofing it with necessary power infrastructure capacity upgrades to support its all-electric energy solution and EV charging provisions for residents.


Construction is scheduled to commence in 2023. One-bedroom apartments start from $600,000. 


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